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Teachers Pay Teachers Update

It was literally just a few days ago when I wrote a post describing my negative feelings towards 'Teachers pay Teachers'. Since then however (and after much debate), I've been convinced to post some of my original "products" on the site.
Please let me be clear... it is still very much my belief that all teachers should share their very best ideas and resources because in the end, it is the children we teach who benefit; and because of this belief, I am still more than happy to share my resources free-of-charge if you email me asking for them (just like I've always done).
Posting my resources on Teachers pay Teachers simply casts a wider net and captures those teachers who solely use that website (and does financially benefit me as well I suppose).

I know this sounds a little odd because I'm offering the same resources for sale and for free -- but that's kinda just what I'm going to try out for a bit. If you google something that pertains to my lessons and it takes you here... you'll see that you can get it for free. If you search on Teachers pay Teachers.. I'm just going to assume you think it's worth buying.
Sooooo we'll see how that works out. :)

This may just end up being a huge waste of time. hahaha

1 comment

  1. I'm really interested to find out how this works out for you. We've been told (in my school district) that we're NOT ALLOWED to use Teachers Pay Teachers (ie, make money, I guess we can purchase all we want) because everything we come up with is property of the school district. . . yeah, it doesn't set well with me. But I think it's great for those who want to do it, and because I've been told I CAN'T, now I feel like I SHOULD, if that makes any sense.


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