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Tissue Paper Collage, Cut-and-Glue Owls, Foil Art, and more (oh my)!

Things have been pretty busy in Ms. Gram's art room lately! :)
I have a bunch of projects in process (still collecting images - not ready to blog about yet) that I'll be posting pretty soon... so to feed your hunger for more art until then, I've decided to give you a peek of a couple displays I've put up around my school.
I've already blogged about these lessons last year, so although they have been tweaked some.. you can still find the basic project information at my previous blog posting.

The following project is my 1st grade tissue paper collage project. Students use only primary-colored pieces of tissue paper and layer them to create colorful abstract collages with all the colors of the rainbow (except indigo - which in my book does not exist). :)
1st Grade Color-Mixing Tissue Paper Collage

Next I have my kindergarten cut-and-glue owls!

I also have this cool 2-day project in which students write their initials in block letters on a piece of cut poster board, break up the background space with some kind of linework or pattern, and then outline their pencil lines with liquid glue. The following day we place a piece of aluminum foil overtop of the glue lines (tape it onto the back) and then color them in with colored sharpies.
It makes for such a pretty display!!

4th/5th grade Colored Foil Art
Teacher's Sample

Also I decided to put up an "I showed heart in art" board. Students who display exceptionally good manners and/or help a friend get to write their name on a sheet of construction paper and will get to add it onto my heart chain! :) To see directions on how to create a paper heart chain, click here.

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  1. Indigo doesn't exist in my book either! Beautiful pieces! Love the heart in art chain! :)


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