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Birthday Party Decor!

My 5 year old son Brody!
Happy birthday Brody!! :)

 Yes today is my son's 5th birthday!! Which is crazy... because oh my god... I am getting old (relatively - haha).
I pulled an all-nighter and spent all day yesterday and all this morning up until 6am (when I finally decided I need to sleep for 2 hours before getting up to get ready for the party) creating some awesome decorations.
My son has recently developed a love for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and so that's the theme he wanted for his party. So being who I am (crazy and obsessive)... I HAD to create some cool decorations for it. No no... store bought won't do; I'm an art teacher after all and there is a certain level of expectation that comes with that!! :)

A very 'pinable' picture. :)

Close up of the ninja turtle balloon I made.
They became center pieces.

Ninja turtle cupcakes!

"Turtle drank" :)
The kids LOVED them!!
Homemade hand-dipped pretzels
He demanded we take a silly picture!


  1. TURTLES RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    1. Thank you so much for the comment! :)


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