Saturday, August 17, 2013

Monsters Don't Eat Broccoli II (2nd)

Due to us starting back to school on a Wednesday.. we had an odd first specials rotation. I see my kids (K-5) for an entire week at a time.. but then don't see them until they come back up in my rotation (K/1st/2nd - 7 weeks, 3rd - 6 weeks, 4th/5th - 5 weeks). So instead of just giving us a 3 day first week rotation and then get a new rotation the next week, my school decided to have us keep our same group for the first week and a half (8 days). It was pretty nice.. but at the same time frustrating for my lesson planning since I had to plan for 8 days with my first group... then 5 days for the rest (which would be fine.. but now my pacing will be off for one of my classes). Anyways.. since I had this extra time this first rotation... I decided to dive right in with my 2nd graders and do my 'Monsters Don't Eat Broccoli project.' Just like last year... the kids LOVED it! :) I'm not going to do a full lesson write up on that one because I already did it in my post last year (things didn't change too much)... but instead I'll just let you see some of my fabulous 2nd grade student examples from my first rotation! :)

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