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New School Year Planning!

So this past week or so I've been planning out which lessons I'm going to be teaching to my students this upcoming year.. and may I say -WOW. This process is infinitely easier being a second year teacher!!!! I don't think I can emphasize that point enough! At this point I know what I want to teach, I know what I can expect from my specific students, and I know how long it will take to complete the projects.
My instagram'ed photo or my lesson planning process. :)
My strategy for planning my upcoming school year consisted of printing out sample pictures of all the projects I taught last year (which fortunately I had plenty of because I photographed and blogged about virtually all my lessons) along with printing out images that I pinned on Pinterest that I knew I'd like to teach.
Next I made folders for each grade level (K-5), and went through all my image clippings and placed them into a pile on top of the grade level I knew I wanted to teach it to.
Afterwards I went grade by grade and arranged the order of how I wanted to teach the projects (and also weeded out a few I decided not to do again). I kept in mind that I needed to do simpler projects earlier in the year to help introduce students to techniques and mediums, kept in mind how long each project would take (I see my students for 1 straight week and then get a new class the next week.. so I plan for 5 day lessons), and I also wanted to keep similar themes together.
Once I laid out the images into my preferred order, I created a chart in Microsoft Word to help me organize myself even better. I wrote down the week number that I was going to teach a particular project in, the project name, concepts taught, materials needed, connections to the core curriculum or themes, and finally additional resources I would be using (like books).

A screenshot from part of my Kindergarten table.

Last year I struggled so much just trying to figure out what to do with my kids.. and it wasn't because I lacked ideas.. I was just very indecisive. So that fact that I already have my projects lined up for the entire year for all my grade levels is providing me with an insane amount of relief. :)

Ahhh I can't wait for the school year to begin!!

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  1. Good girl... You are totally on the right path for success. Planning ahead and having some goals will make this year smoother then the last. Looks like you are doing a great job and I love how excited you are for teaching! Nic


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