Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Happy 100th pin! :)

Anyone in the art education blogging community probably already knows how useful of a resource Pinterest is. Once images from a project you've posted about are pinned... they are open to be 'repinned' by a virtually endless amount of viewers. Pinterest is hands-down one of my leading traffic sources to this site (which is great because my high traffic keeps me enthusiastically writing)!! :)

Today one of my pins got it's 100th repin! Yayyy! :) Just wanted to share because it really did brighten my morning when I saw! If you don't already follow my boards...
They are not as super-organized as other peoples boards that I've seen... but it basically breaks down to this-
  • 'My Art Lessons' board - Examples from projects that I have personally taught in the classroom. Links back to posts in this blog. Original board.
  • 'Hallway Displays' board - Hallway displays I have personally created from my students work. Also links back to posts in this blog. Original board.
  • Every other board - Filled with tons of pictures to inspire future projects. :)

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