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International Festival & Artome Art Show 2013

"WOW!!" - That was my first impression upon seeing our artome art show set up this year!
What an absolutely wonderful company!! With just under 1,800 framed pieces of art, our art show was HUGE. I dare you to try to beat that number. haha
We were told our individual school had the largest art show they've done this year! :)

At my school our art show is held on the same night as our "International Festival." Each grade level is assigned a region in the world that they research and learn about and then create wonderfully artistic displays for with their classroom teachers. International Festival night is also host to musical, drama, and dance performances by our wonderful students as well!

What an event! This was my first year at my school so I didn't know what to expect - but I am just blown away!

International Festival displays created by our wonderful classroom teachers:


  1. I'm interested in Artome for my art show next year, was this your first experience with them? How was your experience using them? Everything looks fabulous! Please e-mail me or comment and let me know!
    Thanks for sharing the link to their site! :)

    1. This was my first experience.. however the other art teacher I work with (we have 2 at my school including myself) has been using them for years. She's always spoken highly of them and now I can see why! Great experience!


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