Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Rainbow Cupcakes!

Rainbow cupcake
Tomorrow morning is the last meeting of my art club.. so I decided to bake up some rainbow treats for my lovely art clubbers! :)
I made white cake batter (the box kind of course).. then split it up evenly into 6 cups and added food coloring gel to each (I made my secondary colors myself). :)
Then one-by-one I layered each color into a muffin liner and baked! Viola! :)
I used blue vanilla frosting for the sky, white cupcake icing for the clouds, and some rainbow airheads candy rope for the rainbows on top. Ohhhhhh and edible glitter - nearly forgot! ;)


Cooling off!
Pretty rainbow inside!
Final product!

Ah speaking of rainbows - I finally perfected (at least perfected to me) my Kindergarten Rainbow Mosaic lesson. I posted twice already about this lesson (here first.. then here).. but I finally made all the changes I wanted to it and am finally happy with it! No more dark pencil lines! :) I had the kids use crayon to draw a single line (in rainbow order), then had them glue all the colored papers on the corresponding color line.

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