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Word Wall Jeopardy! (4/5th)

My word wall
EQ: What is art vocabulary?

While teaching art vocabulary is something I already incorporate into my lessons and the way I teach... with recurring talks of standardized testing (yes - even in elementary art), I feel as if the heat has been turned up. In my experience (although short), I've found that students often easily learn and demonstrate taught concepts, techniques, and knowledge visually, but oftentimes fall short when it comes to verbalizing these things (especially in my case where may of my students are just learning English)! So in order to reinforce the art vocabulary taught, I created my Word Wall Scavenger Hunt and Jeopardy lesson!

More of my word wall
To begin with, I'll explain my word wall. Located on the back wall of my classroom is my "Word Wall". I have big cutouts of each letter arranged alphabetically, and underneath each letter are art terms that I've taught to at least one of my grade levels. Each index card has a word written on it in black sharpie, as well as a visual to help students figure out its meaning or context. My word wall is located on the back wall in my classroom (where my students lines up at the end of art)... so my students are constantly looking at it, seeing the words, and associating the words with the visuals.

Screenshot of the packet!
Now onto the scavenger hunt --
Each color table gets a scavenger hunt packet to complete as a group. The packet contains a table full of clues (or rather definitions'ish) of the words located on my word wall. So students first read the clue and then try to find the corresponding word on my word wall (using the visuals to assist).
Depending on the class size, consistency of work ethic, and teamwork, the packet can take 1-2 class periods to complete. To help students along, on the second day I sometimes give my students the first letter of the word they are searching for for each clue (that way they are at least looking in the right area - there are 73 words after all). :)

So what's the motivation to complete this packet accurately and in its entirety? AH so glad you asked! :)
Before starting I explain to the kids that later that week we will be playing a game of art vocabulary (or "Word Wall") Jeopardy! Each group competes against one another and they can use their packets while we play (so if it's completed and done correctly, they already have all the answers!).
To create the Jeopardy game, I created an awesome Powerpoint (linked here and available to download on slideshare). We start on the very last slide which is the game board (I've created a few different boards for different classes/grade levels). I pick the quietest group to go first and they pick a category and dollar amount. When I click on the dollar amount selected, it links to another slide in the Powerpoint (**To help keep me organized the slides are arranged in the Powerpoint according to the number they are on the worksheet. So for example the answer to the first word on my packet is "weaving," so weaving is the first slide in my Powerpoint). Once the slide comes up, all students see is a clue (one of the same clues they have in their packet). The group has 10 seconds to come up with the answer. If their time runs out, another group with a quiet hand and the answer has a chance to steal. Once the group guesses the correct answer I hit the spacebar which causes the word and a visual to come up on the slide. Once we're done I click on the "Back to the board" link on the bottom right-hand corner of the slide (this is hyperlinked to the LAST slide of the Powerpoint -- this is why it is important that whenever I use a different game board I move it to the LAST slide in the Powerpoint presentation!!). Whichever team guesses the answer correctly, gets to pick the next category and dollar amount.

Example of a question slide before the answer appears
Example of the same slide once I've clicked the spacebar to reveal the answer
Make sure the gameboard is the LAST slide in the Powerpoint to ensure the links work properly!
Whichever team wins gets to go to my "treasure box" (filled with pencils, erasers, etc.) AND gets a lollipop (SCORE!). :) The kids have a great time AND I get to reinforce vocabulary in a fun way! WIN - WIN! :)

Custom gameboard I made for my 5th graders. The images are of projects we've done this year (these are the "categories"). The associated questions/clues relate to vocabulary we learned/used in the project. For example, the words under the cupcake category are coil, clay, pinch-pot, and tempera paint.

If you are interested in getting my complete 'Art Vocabulary Scavenger Hunt and Jeopardy Game' (complete with an updated powerpoint and all the worksheets), please check out my TPT store!
I have also created an awesome '100 Visual Art Word Wall Cards' package which is also available in my TPT store.


  1. This is BRILLIANT! If I have enough time at the end of the year, I will use this idea as an end-of-year review. What a cool idea.

  2. Wow... this is AWESOME! I LOVE your word wall! I'm jealous that you have a wall in your classroom empty enough to hold that!

    1. Could I get a copy of your scavenger hunt packet sent to me?

    2. I got an email saying the email I sent you bounced back. Do you have a different address I could send it to? If you'd rather not post it.. just send me an email to

  3. I love this! I just discovered your blog, and it is definitely one of my favorites already! I cannot believe last year was your first year! Thanks so much for sharing your great ideas!

    1. Thanks so much! I'm glad you enjoy it!! :)
      Hope you have a great school year!


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