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Another catching up weekend!

Soooo much to post! Oh goodness am I going to be busy this weekend! :)
Just a preview of what's coming at you:
  • New images for already posted projects (my kids continue to amaze me!)
  • 3rd grade Ice Cream Parlor lesson (math integration)
  • 4th grade Votive Painting lesson (writing integration)
  • 2nd grade Value Pumpkin Paintings
  • 3rd grade Aquarium lesson (science integration)
  • 5th grade Angry Bird Pop Art Plushies lesson
  • Art Club individuality and cooperation display
Like I said.. it's going to be a BUSY weekend! My 3rd graders are finishing up their aquarium project today.. and my 5th graders are finishing their angry bird plushies.. so hopefully I'll be able to get some good pictures. :)

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