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Lunch Time Fun!

So here I am sitting at my desk during my lunchtime.. working on my blog.
I'm pretty sure I don't know how to take a break from my job. :/
Although I must admit.. reading art blogs during my lunch has become one of my favorite activities. Sandwich in one hand.. mouse in the other.

Just wanted to write and let any readers know that this weekend I plan on doing a lot of catch-up blogging (told you I never stop)! I am making a trip down to Statesboro this weekend so I can get out of my apartment.. but it will be a working mini-trip. Just desperately need a change of scenery from my classroom and apartment. :)

Posts coming this week:
-1st grade "Delaunay Tissue Collage"
-Kinder "Cut-and-Glue Owls"
-1st grade "Out of this World Art"
-5th grade "Art of Mexico"
-4th grade "Votive Paintings"
-3rd grade "Ice Cream Parlor Project"

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